Curian Medical is an independent, recognised and trusted provider of rehabilitation treatments throughout Great Britain.
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  • Charge your phone Ensure your phone has enough battery to last you throughout the night. This will allow you to keep in contact with the friends you’re out with, or emergency contacts. Making your way back Most people tend to get a taxi back home, if you plan to do this ensure you’re getting into the right vehicle. You can do this by asking who the taxi is for, or nowadays taxi companies tend to send you a text with the vehicle information such as the registration plate.  Personal alarm As well as physical alarms

  • Curian Medical Ltd6-11 Riley StreetWillenhallWV13 1RHTel: 0121 809 1010Fax: 01902 630 465E: [email protected] PRESS RELEASE We are delighted to announce that Curian Medical Ltd have agreed on anew partnership with West Bromwich Albion FC for the season 2021/22,joining West Bromwich’s ‘Executive Club. The Curian Medical logo will take pride of place on advertising around the ground, including the enormous pitchside TV screens, advertising boards, and other match day literature. We hope this is the start of a long-lasting partnership. Chief Executive Officer of Curian Medical, Ian Curbishley had this to say about the new

  • Click here to view the full video of Laura Gwilt on depression, with topics such as the causes and ways to manage it!

  • This weekend we mark World Radiography Day which is celebrated on 8 November each year. The date marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. This provides a great opportunity to promote radiography as a career, as a vital contribution to modern healthcare, and as an opportunity to increase public awareness of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy.  A great way to also celebrate all the fantastic radiographers out there! Curian Medical are one of the leading providers of diagnostic imaging to the personal injury sector. With over

  • Curian Medical continue to remain open to our customers, patients, suppliers and associates.  Our team are available on our usual contact number 0121 809 1010 or via email [email protected]  We look forward to continuing to support you with your rehabilitation needs.  Stay safe and well! #healthcare #rehabilitation #psychotherapy #physiotherapy #diagnosticimaging

  • Some of the benefits of utilising the Medical Photography service provided by Curian include; Highest quality images by registered medical photographersImages are kept securely archivedNationwide serviceAt home service available for those unable to travel to photographic studioAll photographs are produced in a strictly-controlled colour-managed environment and are verified by the photographer as an accurate recordCPR-compliant statement covering duty, authenticity and completeness attached as cover sheet To hear more about our Medical Photography Service do give us a call 0121 809 1010 or email [email protected]