Curian Medical is an independent, recognised and trusted provider of rehabilitation treatments throughout Great Britain.
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About us

Curian Medical Ltd has been a major operational force now for over 10 years. Having started in 2011 providing solely diagnostic appointments, in 2013 the company introduced its CBT services and has only continued to expand on this ever since. Over the past 10 years, Curian Medical has established an exceptional reputation within the industry and continues to grow from strength to strength.  Today Curian Medical provides a range of private appointments, including Consultant Led Treatment, Psychotherapy Services (such as counseling and talking therapies, remotely or face to face), and Physiotherapy. Curian Medical also specialises in delivering diagnostic imaging, for instance, Xray’s, MRI’s and Steroid Injections. There are many benefits to patients when using Curian Medical, namely locational ease and choice of private venues within our extensive network but also the speed of delivery, cost savings, guided patient pathways, and the ability to influence the treatment you receive. Curian Medical work across an array of industries, including Medico-Legal, Self-Pay, Insurance Plans and Corporate funded care. We are committed to providing an exceptional patient experience offering a variety of treatment solutions available to our patients and customers.


Our policies cover every aspect, from patient security to our own monitored performance.


We have strict data protection policies in place, with continuous training for all staff.


Our ethos at Curian Medical is to ensure our clients receive a personal service; be provided with exceptional communication and for the referral to be managed quickly and effectively. We have therefore implemented our own Customer Charter that all staff have signed up to delivering.


We have dynamic and enthusiastic employees for whom we are committed to providing continuous staff development and training, while ensuring we provide opportunities for them to progress.


We conduct regular clinical audits by an independent Consultant Radiologist on all our reports and diagnostic imaging. This allows us to ensure that we are continually providing quality images and reports.