Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

I would firstly like to thank our customers for participating in this survey, your comments and feedback is valued and much appreciated.  Customer satisfaction is paramount to Curian Medical and our vision is to deliver an excellent customer experience for everyone who is in contacts with us.

  •  92% of our customers found Curian Medical to be extremely or very professional.  When asked how convenient our nationwide rehabilitation services are to use 92% indicated that we are extremely or very convenient.
  •  93% of respondents felt that Curian Medical understood their business needs extremely or quite well.
  •  77% of our customers rated our service quality better than our competitors, with 15% measuring our service levels as equal.
  •  92% surveyed find Curian Medical employees are extremely or quite responsive to queries.

Some of the comments included:-

  • “We have used the service of Curian Medical for approximately three years during this time have found them extremely helpful and committed to our business needs.”
  • “Very responsive to feedback and future opportunities.”

In our strive for excellence and continuous improvement we very much look forward to continuing to work closely with our customers, suppliers and experts.  We will continue to utilise surveys to gauge how our customers feel we deliver on our promises.

Thank you again to those customers taking the opportunity to provide this valuable feedback.

Should you wish to discuss the results of the survey in further detail then please do feel free to contact Amanda O’Neill on 0121 236 8377.

Consult with Curian – Further Treatment Services

In addition to our core nationwide diagnostic imaging, counselling and physiotherapy services, Curian Medical also co-ordinate a broad range of further treatments.

Utilising our trusted networks and experts we are able to arrange the following:-

Orthopaedic Consultations

Cosmetic Consultations

Pain Management Consultations

Injections for pain management

Surgical procedures, including arthroscopy, joint replacement, scar revision etc.

Our Curative Team provide a quotation within 48 hours of receipt of your request.  All quotations can be broken down in order for you to submit to your funding party for consideration.  Quotations are usually valid for a period of 60 days unless stated otherwise.

You can be confident that all our surgical quotations are fixed packages and include associated costs such as consumables, overnight stays, expert fees etc.

Why not let Curian Medical provide you with a quotation for your next case requiring further treatment.  Please enquire with your account handler or by calling our team on 0121 236 8377.