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Nationwide CBT Services

What is CBT?

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a talking therapy. It has been proved to help treat a wide range of emotional and physical health conditions in adults, young people and children. CBT looks at how we think about a situation and how this affects the way we act. In turn our actions can affect how we think and feel.

Our cognitive processes are our thoughts which include our ideas, mental images, beliefs and attitudes. Cognitive therapy is based on the principle that certain ways of thinking can trigger, or fuel, certain health problems. For example, anxiety, depression, phobias, etc, but there are others, including physical problems. The therapist helps you to understand your current thought patterns.  CBT aims to change any behaviours that are harmful or not helpful. Various techniques are used. For example, a common unhelpful behaviour is to avoid situations that can make you anxious. In some people with phobias the avoidance can become extreme and affect day-to-day life. In this situation a type of behavioural therapy called exposure therapy may be used. This entails the patient being gradually exposed to feared situations. The therapist teaches the patient how to control anxiety and cope when facing up to the feared situations. For example, by using deep breathing and other techniques.

What can CBT help with?

There is good evidence that CBT is helpful in treating many conditions, including:

  • anxiety disorders, including panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • depression
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • schizophrenia and psychosis
  • bipolar disorder
  • chronic fatigue
  • behavioural difficulties in children
  • anxiety disorders in children
  • chronic pain
  • physical symptoms without a medical diagnosis
  • sleep difficulties
  • anger management

How Curian Medical delivers CBT

Curian Medical has an extensive network of Therapists across the country who deliver CBT on a regular basis.  All Therapists are required to be registered with a recognised professional body, have appropriate insurance in place and should have at least 2 years’ experience.  We offer CBT as individual sessions with a Therapist and the first stage is to co-ordinate an initial assessment. After this first appointment an initial assessment report is produced indicating the recommended number of further treatment sessions.

The initial assessment will usually include time for the therapist and patient to develop a shared understanding of the problem. This is usually to identify how the patients’ thoughts, ideas, feelings, attitudes and behaviours affecting their day-to-day life.  Typically, a session of therapy is done once a week. Most courses of CBT last for several weeks. It is common to have 10-15 sessions but a course of CBT can be longer or shorter, depending on the nature and severity of the condition. At the end of sessions a discharge report is provided to the referrer indicating the progress made during sessions.

Due to the patient attending weekly appointments we would not expect patients to travel too far. We aim to secure timely appointments with a Therapist within 5 miles of the patient.

We offer competitive fixed fees for our nationwide CBT services – contact us to learn how we can support you in this area of rehabilitation.

If you would like to discover how Curian Medical can assist you with our Nationwide CBT Services then please do feel free to call Amanda O’Neill on 0121 236 8377 or [email protected].

If you would like to work with Curian Medical and join our panel of Therapists then please do feel free to email us at [email protected]

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