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Consult with Curian

I am pleased to be able to launch “Consult with Curian” via our news page.

We will post regularly questions asked of our team here at Curian Medical by patients and customers alike and provide you with our response.  Should you wish to see any specific topics covered then please do feel free to approach our Curative Team or your account handler with further details.

In the first session of Consult with Curian we answer your question – “I am claustrophobic, can I have an MRI scan?”

It is not uncommon to feel a little anxious prior to an MRI scan but there are numerous options now available for patients who may feel claustrophobic.

Firstly, how far into a conventional scanner you go depends on what part of your body is being scanned. If you are having your foot, ankle, knee, leg, or lumbar spine scanned then you will likely be going feet first. In most cases your head will not even be under the magnet. All other scans, such as head, cervical spine, thoracic spine, or shoulders you will be required to go head first. Our team will be happy to discuss with you any concerns that you may have.  Staff at the imaging facilities that we utilise will be most happy to discuss the procedure with you and will put you at ease throughout the imaging process.

If claustrophobia is something you suffer from or think might prevent you from completing an important MRI procedure, let your doctor know.  Your GP may prescribe drugs to control the panic and physical symptoms of claustrophobia, specifically related to getting an MRI procedure. It is important that these are prescribed by your GP. It should be strongly noted that if a patient takes any sort of drug for the test that they inform the radiologist doing the procedure and they find someone to help them home until the effects of the drug wears off.

Finally, Curian Medical has access to a number of imaging facilities that offer Open MRI Scanning.  Our Curative Team will be most happy to discuss the closest facility available to you.  The term open describes the actual structure of the MRI’s gantry. The open gantry is generally open on all four sides where the closed gantry is a cylinder shape with no view out. Therefore Open MRI’s are great for claustrophobic and larger patients. This can result in a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Should you have any further queries regarding our Open MRI scanning facilities then please do call us on 0121 236 8377 or contact us via [email protected]

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