Marketing Assistant Vacancy

We have an exciting opportunity for a full-time Marketing Assistant to join us, Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m, based in our office in the Midlands.

Competitive salary for the right candidate, with an immediate start  for a 6 month contract.

Curian Medical are looking for a Graduate, preferably, to help create innovative marketing campaigns, within agreed budgets, to expand brand awareness.

Working with our Service Development Director you will assist with the executing of company marketing initiatives and the preparation of interesting written content for the company across a number of social media channels (company web-site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc).

In addition you will be required to assist with the production of marketing materials and literature, as well as providing support for marketing events and exhibitions, as required.

The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, experience of advertising and social media platforms and a good understanding of marketing principles.

To register your interest in this vacancy please send a copy of your curriculum vitae, together with a covering letter to



Taz Taylor Racing

Curian Medical are proud to be able to announce our sponsorship of Taz Taylor Racing in the Pirelli National Superstock 600 Championship.

Taz started riding at the age of 6 on a YMSA 50cc scooter.  At the age of 11 he took to the tracks for the first time, racing his first biking series. Each year since Taz has built his confidence, skills and climbed his way up the racing ladder, which has secured him a spot racing in the 2016 Pirelli National Superstock 600 Championship.

Taz on learning of the sponsorship commented, “I can’t thank Curian Medical enough for enabling me to complete this season.  After an uncertain future, with the support of Curian Medical I am now really looking forward to the last 3 rounds.”

The next round takes place tomorrow Friday 9th September 2016 at Oulton Park and Curian Medical wish Taz every success!  We will be sure to keep you posted with pictures and race results.

Any press enquiries or for any further information regarding the nationwide rehabilitation services available from Curian Medical, in the first instance please contact Amanda O’Neill – 0121 732 9860 or via email

You can take a look at Taz Taylor Racing by visiting their web-site or via facebook @RaceTazTaylor or via twitter @TazTaylor66

Today marks our 5th Anniversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Curian Medical.  All of us here wanted to take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers, experts and all contacts for their continued support.

The industry continues to be an ever changing environment and we very much look forward to continuing to work closely and supporting our customers with our ever expanding portfolio of nationwide rehabilitation services.

Congratulations Curian Medical, lets look forward to many more years to come.

Nerve Conduction Studies

As part of our suite of rehabilitation services here at Curian Medical we have an extensive network of venues in which we can co-ordinate Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS).  Utilising appropriate experts and Neurophysiologists we deliver this timely service at an affordable fee on a nationwide basis.

What are nerve conduction studies?

Nerve conduction studies give doctors information about how well and how fast the nerves in your body send waves of electricity (electrical impulses). This test can be used to check for various different types of problems with the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system includes all the nerves in your body apart from those in your brain and within the spinal cord itself. Nerves in the brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system.

What are nerve conduction studies typically used for?

Here at Curian Medical Nerve conduction studies are used for a wide variety of reasons including:

  • To assess nerve damage following an injury
  • To check for damage to nerves, caused by conditions such as diabetes
  • To test for conditions affecting the nervous system
  • To check for ‘trapped’ nerves – conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome

How does it work?

Small electrical pulses made by a machine are used to mimic the electrical signals made by nerves. By attaching a small device that is able to detect electricity or supply electricity (an electrode) to the skin, the nerve can be stimulated with a very small electrical pulse. If the nerve is attached to a muscle, the muscle will clench (contract) in response to the electrical signal.

To test sensory nerves, the electrodes are usually attached to the fingers or toes with another electrode either at the ankle or wrist. When the electrical pulse is applied to the fingers or toes the sensory nerve carries the electrical signal away from the arm or leg. The electrode at the wrist or ankle detects the wave of electricity (electrical impulse) when it reaches that point.

The electrodes are connected to a machine which generates the impulses and detects them. It can measure the time taken for the impulse to travel in the nerve from the first electrode to the second. This information, plus the distance between the two electrodes, can be used to work out the speed at which the impulse is travelling along the nerve. This is referred to as the conduction velocity.

Nerve conduction studies can also be used to measure whether the size of the waves of electricity (electrical impulses) decreases as it travels along the nerve.

Are there any possible side-effects or complications?

Most people tolerate the test very well and have no side-effects or complications after the test.

To learn more about our network for nerve conduction studies or indeed any other aspect of our portfolio of services please do feel free to contact Amanda O’Neill on 07904 630054.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Petrina Lindsay – Curative Team – Operational Lead

We would like to congratulate Petrina Lindsay (Trina) on her recent promotion within Curian Medical.

After having worked at Curian as an account handler, Trina with effect from this week, is promoted to the position of Curative Team Operational Lead.

A graduate in Business Management and a track record of working within a customer services background, Trina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position.

Trina will fulfil the role of leading our operational functions and processes whilst managing our Curative Team and being the first point of contact for escalation.

Wishing you every success in your new role.

To speak with Trina, do feel free to call our office number of 0121 732 9860.

Independent Rehabilitation

Switching providers for a nationwide rehabilitation service should not be a daunting task.  Here at Curian Medical we will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition.

Our customer base covers most organisations, but we specialise in supporting Solicitors, Medical Legal Agencies, Insurers and Case Management Companies.

Curian Medical;

  • Support you with a white labelling solution that enables you to tailor parts of our rehabilitation pathway to fit with your needs.
  • Provide you with an account handler from our Curative Team who will work closely with your case handlers and become an extension of your services. We pride ourselves on building excellent relationships with the people we work with.
  • Deliver timely and effective rehabilitation utilising experts from our extensive networks. With one of the largest networks within the rehabilitation sector we ensure patients do not have to travel far for appointments.
  • Appreciate that communication is key and we keep our customers informed of their patients pathway every step of the way, via our bespoke patient management system.
  • Have robust policies and procedures in place and in line with our clinical governance policies regularly audit across our rehabilitation offering to ensure that we continually deliver to the highest standards possible.
  • Have a strong, healthy balance sheet and we are a viable, sustainable business.
  • Take seriously the security of patient data. Our servers are only accessible by security-cleared personnel, controlled by extensive CCTV monitoring and state-of-the-art access control systems.
  • Provide high quality, timely rehabilitation at affordable prices.

To learn more about Curian Medical, our nationwide services and discover how we can support you, please do contact Amanda O’Neill on 0121 732 9860.

When Harry met Curian Medical

Over the years Curian Medical have developed numerous apprentices and taken part in multiple work placements, some of whom have left to go on to full time employment or enhanced careers as a result. We are delighted to announce that Harry Goodwin has now finished his apprenticeship and is continuing his employment with Curian Medical, training to become a case handler.

We asked Harry some questions surrounding his time during his apprenticeship and what he hopes the future holds.

So Harry, what have you enjoyed during your time as an apprentice with Curian Medical?

The things I have enjoyed most about my time as an apprentice here at Curian Medical is that I have had the chance to work with and meet some amazing people as well as have the opportunity to acquire new skills as a business administrator.

What have you learnt during your placement?

Working with Curian has provided me with an opportunity to gain further knowledge in a variety of different areas and has exposed me to a busy working environment.  I have developed good communication skills and regularly speak with patients, consultants, healthcare experts and customers over the telephone.  I have worked within the Curative Team and this has helped my confidence grow significantly. I have also learnt how to organise my day and as a result I am now able to manage my own workload more efficiently.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship scheme?

Yes, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship scheme. It is a great way for young people like myself to take the first step into the world of work.

What hopes and plans do you have for your role within Curian Medical and the future?

I look forward to working here at Curian Medical and improving as a person whilst having the ability to continually learn and develop. The fantastic opportunities here stand me in great stead to become a professional young man.

Congratulations Harry from all of us here at Curian Medical.

To learn more about careers within Curian Medical do feel free to contact us

Pathology Services

Did you know here at Curian Medical as part of our portfolio of rehabilitation treatment we are also able to deliver Pathology Services throughout the country.

Offering appointments in a timely manner at affordable fees, please contact Amanda O’Neill to discuss how we can support you or 07904 630054.


Curian Medical – Providing Solutions

Curian Medical – Providing Solutions within the personal injury sector for affordable diagnostic imaging services

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is used frequently within the medico-legal sector and is particularly useful at providing highly detailed images together with valuable and accurate information about the structure of joints, soft tissue and bones of the body.

Just some of the advantages of using this imaging technique include;

  • MRI is harmless for the patient – no radiation is involved
  • Excellent detail makes MRI superior to some of the other imaging techniques available
  • MRI contrast agent (where required) is usually gadolinium which is less allergenic than iodine based contrast agents used in other imaging modalities

It is widely known that there are disadvantages to MRI scanning, however here at Curian Medical we have worked hard to put in place solutions for our customers;

  • Availability – We have developed one of the largest networks throughout the country ensuring patients no longer have to travel far for diagnostic imaging
  • Affordability – Curian Medical have implemented fixed fees for our customers in order that our diagnostic imaging services are cost effective and competitive
  • Results –  Excellent working relationships within our network ensures appointments and results are provided at the earliest opportunity ultimately speeding up any further treatments or rehabilitation that may be required
  • Contra-indications – Whilst we understand that not everyone is compatible for an MRI scan, we have protocols in place to ensure that each patient completes a safety questionnaire prior to imaging.  Where necessary Curian Medical can co-ordinate alternative imaging techniques or co-ordinate any further investigations, such as x-rays to ensure no contra-indications exist.
  • Open scanners – We appreciate due to anxiety or claustrophobia that not all patients will be suitable for a conventional MRI scanner.  With this in mind Curian Medical have developed access to a number of Open MRI scanners across the country.

If you encounter any barriers to nationwide diagnostic imaging services then do feel free to give me a call on 07904 630054 or email me at I would welcome an opportunity to provide you with solutions.

The search is on for a Business Development Executive to join us

Business Development Executive

Curian Medical Ltd are an established treatment coordinator and provider based in the West Midlands. We provide services such as Diagnostic imaging, Physiotherapy, Counselling and much more to markets such as Insurers, Solicitors and Case Managers nationwide. Due to outstanding growth and continued development of new products and services, we are recruiting for a Business Development Executive to join our expanding team.

The Role

  1. Identifying new sales leads
  2. Pitching services and ultimately closing new contracts
  3. Researching the needs of other companies and learning about decision makers and purchasers
  4. Contacting potential clients via phone to establish rapport and set up meetings
  5. Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events
  6. Preparing PowerPoint presentations and sales displays, as well as innovating in sales techniques and approaches
  7. Developing quotes and proposals
  8. Negotiating and renegotiating by phone, email, and in person
  9. Maintaining industry intelligence through communication with Service Delivery Director, discussions with industry contacts and other means
  10. Liaising with the Service Delivery Director regarding marketing and sales opportunities
  11. Delivery of ‘packaged’ new customers to Operational Team Leader
  12. Researching organisations and individuals online to identify new leads and potential new markets
  13. Provide in-depth monthly reporting on sales activity to the Managing Director
  14. Reporting in to the Managing Director on sales performance

The Individual

In-depth knowledge of the industry and its current events (Required)

  • Vibrant, socially adept & confident
  • Good with numbers
  • Creative talents and the ability to solve tough problems
  • The ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent time management and organisation

To apply, in the first instance please email Robert Haynes with your CV to

We look forward to hearing from you.