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February statistics demonstrate delivery of timely rehabilitation

Here at Curian Medical we understand the importance of Key Performance Indicators and how they are an important tool to measure the effectiveness of our services.

Our Operations Manager, Kennedy Morries, monitors and measures how we measure up to the KPI’s in place for our referral pathway and the statistics are now in for February and what great reading they are!

We aim to call your patients within 2 days of instruction and our February statistics indicate that on average calls are being placed within just 1 day.  We ensure your patient knows that you have instructed Curian Medical to manage their rehabilitation pathway and we will be available throughout their treatment/therapy plan.

Once we have established contact with your patient and identified an appropriate therapist, hospital or clinic, on average we provide appointment details within just 4 days.  It is demonstrated that rehabilitation is more effective when delivered in a timely manner and therefore we continue to monitor and measure that we are providing our nationwide rehabilitation services at the earliest opportunity in order to speed up either diagnosis or recovery.

Once appointments are attended we work closely with our rehabilitation partners and associates to ensure that results and images where required are returned at the soonest. February figures indicate that it took on average just 6 days for Curian to receive results.  This ensures that we were able to meet with the service levels agreed with our customer base.

To explore how we can support your organisation and clients with our timely rehabilitation services please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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