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Curian welcomes Anita Sarkar – CBT and Integrative Psychotherapist

We are delighted to announce a new addition to the Curian Team in Anita Sarkar who has joined us this month as our CBT and Integrative Psychotherapist.  We wanted to take this opportunity to share an introduction that Anita has put together and also remind you of the remote therapy services available from Curian, in addition to our face to face therapy services.


My name is Anita and I am an accredited CBT therapist registered with the BABCP. I have also completed a postgraduate training in Integrative Counselling which is accredited with the BACP. My training has enabled me to gain experience within the voluntary sector, NHS and more recently the private sector. I have experience working with a range of presentations such as anxiety disorders, trauma, depression, bereavement, relationship issues, self-esteem and identity to name a few, I have worked with adults as both an integrative counsellor and CBT therapist and children from the age of 14 and over as a counsellor.  In addition to this I have 10 years’ experience in the education sector as a teacher and college lecturer teaching a range of social science-based subjects


Postgraduate diploma in CBT

Postgraduate diploma in counselling studies


MSc In Applied Psychology with distinction

BSc In Psychology and Human Biology

Remote Therapy

Curian, via our accredited CBT and Integrative Psychotherapist and where required our extended network, offers remote therapy and remote CBT to all customers at a reduced fixed cost.  Approximately a 24% reduction on standard face to face CBT fees.

Therapy can be offered to anyone nationwide and will be provided via telephone or interactive video calling. Remote therapy is an effective tool to deliver Talking Therapies and is successfully utilised within the NHS, predominantly as part of their IAPT Services. It is particularly useful for those clients who may live in remote locations or for those unable to travel. Face to face therapy will still be available locally to your client, if preferred. 

Advantages of Remote Therapy

  • Flexible in that patients can receive telephone or video calling at times which suit them
  • Save patients time and money – no travelling to appointments
  • Remote therapy is not dependent on location and patients can be telephoned or video called at home or elsewhere (at work for example in a lunch break) as most people now have mobile phones
  • Some patients, particularly those with depression, may not attend face-to-face appointments precisely because their symptoms (low mood, lack of energy, etc.) make it difficult for them to keep appointments. Assertively maintaining contact with patients dramatically improves treatment concordance and adherence to therapeutic activities. This is far better than merely recording such people as ‘Did not attend’ or even discharging them
  • Costs for therapy can be minimised as charges for therapist time over telephone/video calling is less than face to face

Should you have any queries in relation to our remote therapy or indeed any of our other nationwide rehabilitation services, in the first instance please do contact our Business Relationship Manager, Saffron Meese on 07495 780864 or email [email protected]

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