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Curian Medical – Nationwide X-ray Services

X-rays are a form of radiation that can pass through solid and semi-solid substances. In carefully controlled doses, they can be used to capture images of the body’s internal structures.  X-rays are carried out by radiographers who are healthcare professionals trained to use imaging technology.

During an X-ray you will be asked to lie on a table or stand against a flat surface so that the part of your body being examined is positioned between the X-ray machine and a photographic plate.  The X-ray will last for a fraction of a second. As the X-rays hit the photographic plate, the plate captures a snapshot of the image.

Exposure to high levels of radiation can be very harmful. However, the X-rays used for medical purposes are safe because the dose of radiation is very small.  The strength of radiation in relation to long-term risk is measured using units called millisieverts (mSv).

As part of our suite of services Curian Medical has an extensive network of venues in which we can co-ordinate x-rays at affordable fees.  Our Curative Team are always very happy to clarify the costs, particularly with cases involving multiple x-rays or multiple views.

If you would like to learn more about our nationwide x-ray services then please do feel free to call Amanda O’Neill on 0121 236 8377 or [email protected]

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