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Staff Development and Training

Curian Medical recognises that staff development and learning is an integral part of our strategic planning and the training and development of our staff is key to the continual growth of the organisation. We constantly seek to improve the opportunities available to enable staff to reach their full potential. The central aim is therefore to provide an environment where continuous development can take place to equip our staff with the knowledge, skills, competence and confidence required to meet job objectives.

Our team this year have been undertaking the Level 2 – City and Guilds / AMSPAR Award in Medical Terminology.  This is proving extremely beneficial and even more relevant since the launch of our fixed fee surgery and specialist procedures service, where our team are on hand to assist our customers as much as possible with the most commonly used procedures and the medical terminology surrounding these treatments.

The course is designed for people wishing to work in the medical field in such roles as ward clerk, medical secretary, GP receptionist, healthcare assistant and medico- legal personnel. The course covers the following topics:-

  • Basics of medical terminology – word building
  • Common Roots, prefixes and suffixes
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the body systems
  • Prescription writing and abbreviations
  • Medical Specialities and personnel

This course is primarily run on line but with mentored support from a personal tutor.  We have a number of our Curative Team who have had their examination and awaiting results and newer members of the team who have last month commenced the 12 week course.We wish them all the very best with the course and best of luck with the exam results!

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