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EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies at Curian Medical

What is an EMG/Nerve Conduction Study?

EMG (electromyography) records the electrical impulses that your muscles produce. The Nerve Conduction test measures the speed at which impulses travel along a nerve. These tests are used to help work out how well your nerves and muscles are functioning. They are often referred to collectively as an EMG test and may incorporate one or both of the above techniques.

How do EMG/Nerve Conduction studies work?

The Nerve Conduction Study records how fast nerves send messages to the brain and back. In the test the nerves are stimulated using electrodes placed on the surface of a person’s skin. It can then be recorded how fast the impulse travels to another point, where it is recorded using a surface electrode placed on the skin. This tells us how fast the nerve is working. EMG studies the electrical activity of the muscles. This is usually recorded using a small needle electrode inserted through the skin into the muscle, which produces a short pinprick sensation. Once in place the activity in the muscle can be observed at rest and then whilst being used.

How does the test help?

The measurements and observations that are taken from these tests help  to find out whether the problems you are having are caused by trapped or damaged nerves in your arms, legs, neck, back or face. The tests may also be used to investigate a wide range of nerve and muscle disorders. The results from the tests help your consultant to make a diagnosis and to provide the right treatment for you.

Curian Medical can support your organisation with access to EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies throughout the country. Do give us a call to explore how we can help or email [email protected]

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