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Curian Medical Nationwide X-ray Services

5 reasons to utilise Curian Medical’s X-ray service for your clients

  • Transparent competitive fees
  • Excellent coverage across the country
  • Rapid access
  • Prompt reporting
  • Personal Service from our Curative Team

X-rays are a form of radiation that can pass through solid and semi-solid substances. In carefully controlled doses, they can be used to capture images of the body’s internal structures.  X-rays are carried out by radiographers who are healthcare professionals trained to use imaging technology.

During an X-ray you will be asked to lie on a table or stand against a flat surface so that the part of your body being examined is positioned between the X-ray machine and a photographic plate.  The X-ray will last for a fraction of a second. As the X-rays hit the photographic plate, the plate captures a snapshot of the image.

There is very little risk with having an X-ray which is subject to strict regulations and the use of X-rays is assessed on the principle that the risk of having the X-ray outweighs the risk of not having the X-ray examination. X-ray examinations are therefore only performed when absolutely necessary.  When X-rays are taken, some of the energy in the beam is absorbed in the body and this is called the radiation dose.  The strength of radiation in relation to long-term risk is measured using units called millisieverts (mSv).   Diagnostic X-ray examinations involve relatively low doses, these doses are often compared to natural background radiation.  Once the X-ray is complete, Curian Medical arrange for a Consultant Radiologist to report on the X-ray and the results shared with our referrer within days.

As part of our suite of rehabilitation services, Curian Medical provide rapid access to X-rays at over 150 venues throughout the country.  Our Curative Team are always on hand to clarify the costs, particularly with cases involving multiple X-rays or multiple views.  Curian Medical have competitive fees for commonly requested X-rays which are based on AP and Lateral views.  Where additional views may be requested by the medical expert, Curian charge an additional view fee, however when coupled with our standard x-ray fee remains excellent value for money. Our treatment costs are transparent and highly competitive within the sector.

Interested to hear further information on our diagnostic imaging services or portfolio of rehabilitation and treatments then please do contact our Business Relationship Manager, Martin Eccles at [email protected]

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