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Arthrograms and Contrast

Curian Medical have been advised that there is currently a shortage of the contrast agent utilised in performing Arthrograms and as such procedures are taking a little longer than usual to be performed.  Of course, we will continue to ensure that we keep our clients and patients updated throughout this time.  If however, you should have any queries please do feel free to contact Curian Medical and your account handler.

What is an MRI Arthrogram?

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Arthrogram is a more detailed investigation of a joint, usually the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle. The procedure is performed in two parts. The first part involves placing a needle into the joint, using an image guided technique, to add a contrast agent.  To do this, local anaesthetic is first injected to numb the skin and the joint.  A needle is then placed into the joint and the dye injected. The second part of the procedure is the Magnetic Resonance Scan where the images will be taken immediately after your injection. The procedure usually takes one hour in total and is performed by a Radiologist.

Why have an MRI Arthrogram?

This type of test is usually arranged following the patients discussion with an Orthopaedic Consultant. It is more accurate than a standard MRI scan in assessing internal structures of a joint and can help plan when surgery is required. Common reasons for an MRI Arthrogram are to help find any damage to cartilage, ligaments, labrum, or laxity/instability of the joint. The advantages over a plain MRI scan without injection are increased accuracy in finding injuries within the joint. This information will help plan whether surgery is necessary and which type of surgery is best.

Are there any risks when having an MRI Arthrogram?

The risks of the procedure are very small. The patient may experience bruising where they had the injection. Discomfort following an injection can last for a few hours, but should then improve. It is possible to be allergic to the dyes used, but this is rare.  Most people will feel completely back to normal after 24 hours. The risk of developing an infection after the procedure is very low as a fully sterile technique is used.

How can Curian Medical assist?

Curian Medical has access to an extensive network of venues which enable us to co-ordinate MRI Arthrograms at affordable prices.  If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you with our nationwide diagnostic imaging services then please do contact us.

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