Consult with Curian

I am pleased to be able to launch “Consult with Curian” via our news page.

We will post regularly questions asked of our team here at Curian Medical by patients and customers alike and provide you with our response.  Should you wish to see any specific topics covered then please do feel free to approach our Curative Team or your account handler with further details.

In the first session of Consult with Curian we answer your question – “I am claustrophobic, can I have an MRI scan?”

It is not uncommon to feel a little anxious prior to an MRI scan but there are numerous options now available for patients who may feel claustrophobic.

Firstly, how far into a conventional scanner you go depends on what part of your body is being scanned. If you are having your foot, ankle, knee, leg, or lumbar spine scanned then you will likely be going feet first. In most cases your head will not even be under the magnet. All other scans, such as head, cervical spine, thoracic spine, or shoulders you will be required to go head first. Our team will be happy to discuss with you any concerns that you may have.  Staff at the imaging facilities that we utilise will be most happy to discuss the procedure with you and will put you at ease throughout the imaging process.

If claustrophobia is something you suffer from or think might prevent you from completing an important MRI procedure, let your doctor know.  Your GP may prescribe drugs to control the panic and physical symptoms of claustrophobia, specifically related to getting an MRI procedure. It is important that these are prescribed by your GP. It should be strongly noted that if a patient takes any sort of drug for the test that they inform the radiologist doing the procedure and they find someone to help them home until the effects of the drug wears off.

Finally, Curian Medical has access to a number of imaging facilities that offer Open MRI Scanning.  Our Curative Team will be most happy to discuss the closest facility available to you.  The term open describes the actual structure of the MRI’s gantry. The open gantry is generally open on all four sides where the closed gantry is a cylinder shape with no view out. Therefore Open MRI’s are great for claustrophobic and larger patients. This can result in a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Should you have any further queries regarding our Open MRI scanning facilities then please do call us on 0121 236 8377 or contact us via

It’s our birthday – Curian Medical is 3

It’s our birthday – Curian Medical is 3

Curian Medical has been operating  3 years this month and all of us at Curian wanted to take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers, experts and all contacts for their great support throughout this period.

During these first 3 years, Curian has grown significantly and have extended our portfolio of services which includes; diagnostic imaging, further treatments such as physiotherapy, counselling, surgical procedures, consultations and injections for pain management.   We have also continued to expand our network of venues and we are now working with an extensive panel of experts.

Our Curative Team was launched during 2013 and all our customers have benefited from having been allocated an account handler at Curian for all instructions.

Recently we have also invested in our bespoke IT database system and this in turn has allowed us the opportunity to streamline even further our processes and procedures.  Updates on each patients progress is reported back to our customers via this system.

Not only has Curian Medical seen changes within the past year, the medico legal industry continues to be an ever changing environment.  We very much look forward to continuing to work closely and supporting our customers with our range of nationwide rehabilitation services.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our suite of services please do contact Amanda O’Neill on 0121 236 8377 or

Curian Re-branding 2014

After well and truly establishing ourselves within the rehabilitation market we decided it was time to re-brand Curian Medical.

A great deal of thought and effort went into the design of our new logo together with the company values and I am delighted to be able to share these with you today.

As part of the re-branding we also wanted a fresh look to our web-site which has now been launched.  This has been designed with our customers in mind to make it even easier for you to locate what you are looking for.  I do hope you are as impressed as we are with the outcome and please do feel free to provide any feedback that you may wish to give to

Company Values

All of us at Curian Medical are passionate about the services we offer to our customers and patients and we continue to ensure that these services are delivered to the best of our ability adhering to our company values:

Personal Service – By listening to and understanding our customers and their needs, Curian will consistently deliver a quality and cost effective service with the best possible personal service.

Speed – Curian Medical appreciates that rehabilitation for the patient should be delivered at the earliest opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome.  Therefore, our Curative Team ensures that all referrals received for treatment are progressed in a timely manner without delay.

Communication – As your rehabilitation partner, Curian becomes an extension of your services and we appreciate the need for excellent communication at all times.  We provide our customers with account handlers who will build trust and respect and will communicate effectively with you.

Audit Results – March 2014

As promised in the first edition of our newsletter, I am pleased to be able to share with you the latest clinical audit results for our diagnostic imaging service.

76% of diagnostic images secured a grade 5, the highest level attainable and the remaining 24% were graded at level 4.

In terms of the audit for the diagnostic reports, I am pleased to advise you that 71% of reports were graded at level 5 and the remaining 29% at level 4.  These results did not require any further action taking place and satisfied our internal clinical governance policies.

Once again, we are most pleased with the outcome of this audit which demonstrates the excellent quality of our diagnostic imaging and reports.