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Curian Medical – Supporting our local primary school

It is the turn of Kennedy, who works within our Compliance Department to head back to school this afternoon. Each Friday a member of our team head over to St Giles C of E Primary School in Willenhall, to support the children with Golden Reading Hour. These regular reading sessions are not only valued by […]

Providing Solutions within the personal injury sector for affordable diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation services.

Did you know that Curian Medical offer access to one of the largest diagnostic imaging networks?  We continuously look to expand the network with some new facilities recently added within the Thames Valley, North East and South Wales areas. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is used frequently within the medico-legal sector and is particularly useful at […]

Curian Medical Tip 7 – Get enough sleep

Living with a mental health problem can affect how well you sleep and poor sleep can have a negative impact on your mental health. Sleep problems can lead to; having negative thoughts, feeling depressed or anxious – if you have little sleep you may feel less able to rationalise worries or irrational thoughts feeling lonely […]

Curian Medical Tip 6 – Listen to music

Music has the power to inspire and entertain but it also has powerful psychological effects that can improve your health and well-being. Instead of thinking of music as pure entertainment, consider some of the major mental benefits of incorporating music into your everyday life. Incorporating music into your everyday life can help to: elevate your […]

Curian Medical Tip 5 – Get some sunshine

We’re used to hearing about how too much of the sun’s warm rays can be harmful to your skin. But did you know it can have mood-lifting benefits? Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm […]

Curian Medical Tip 4 – Ask for help

It’s always ok to ask for help, even if you’re not sure you are experiencing a specific mental health problem.  You may wish to seek help if you are; worrying more than usual finding it hard to enjoy your life having thoughts and feelings that are difficult to cope with, which have an impact on […]

Curian Medical Tip 3 – Exercise

Did you know that physical activity is also beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing? Research indicates that modest amounts of exercise can make a difference. No matter your age or fitness level, you can learn to use exercise as a powerful tool to feel better. Physical activity is thought to cause chemical changes in […]

Curian Medical Tip 2 – Eat Well

What we choose to eat affects not just our physical health, but also our mental health and wellbeing too.  Your brain needs a mix of nutrients to stay healthy and function well, just like the other organs in your body. Eating well can mean different things to different people. Broadly speaking it means eating in […]

Curian Medical – Tip 1 Take up a hobby

Whilst therapies and medications may help improve the lives of many experiencing mental health issues, taking time out to pursue a hobby or leisure activity can bring significant benefits, regardless of what you choose to do.  Try to make time for doing the fun things you enjoy.  If we don’t spend any time doing things […]

Mental Health Awareness Week

13th – 19th May 2019 Today marks the start of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. This years theme is ‘Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies.’ 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem this year. Throughout the week we will be sharing tips on how you can take steps to improve […]